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Coins: A trustless sidechain protocol

Hi all, I've been working on a sidechain protocol with no trusted third party. You can find the [whitepaper here]( ***Abstract.*** *Coins is a Bitcoin extension designed for payments at scale. We propose an efficient solution to the double-spending problem using a bitcoin-backed proof-of-stake.  Validators vote on sidechain blocks with one-time signatures, forming a record that cannot be changed without destroying their collateral. Every user can become a validator by locking bitcoins. One-time signatures guarantee that validators loose their stake for publishing conflicting histories. Checkpoints can be additionally secured with a bitcoin-backed proof-of-burn. Assuming a rational majority of validators, the sidechain provides safety and liveness. The sidechain’s footprint within bitcoin’s blockchain is minimal. The protocol is a generic consensus mechanism allowing for arbitrary sidechain assets. Spawning multiple, independent instances scales horizontally.* Feedback is highly appreciated! Thank you PS: [Here on Github you can find further research on scalability and usability](
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Schiff’s Negative Voices Promote Bitcoin, Says Zhao

Bitcoin opponent Peter Schiff said he failed to access his wallet after mistaking the password, which led him to severe criticism from the crypto community. Some crypto enthusiasts claimed that Schiff...
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Bitcoin Lightning Torch 2.0 On The Move

This week, the Lightning community decided it was time to resurrect the Lightning Torch 2.0 for another go at showcasing the awesomeness of the LN.
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The only Instagram filter we need

Today I made an Instagram AR filter using Spark AR Studio. Pretty cool tool. Waiting on the filter to get approved, but here’s a test I made. I’m so happy I’m not a shitcoin. 😂Ps. Obviously would’ve ...