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CNBC having diarrhoea

They have stopped their hissy fits about Btc's price. Now theyre asking their guests when Btc will correct. "Surely it must take a breather before going any higher" LOL salty morons. And Peter Schiff, Btc going to 100 before falling to 0? Have you taken a look at Golds price at 1788? People are selling gold to buy Btc.
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Bitcoin in Allentown

The kiosk allows individuals to buy Bitcoin by using cash or debit card.
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Adam Singer misses the point entirely. BTC's endgame isn't the price in USD. It's about restoring free and competitive money markets. The USA has a money monopoly and people need more choices, but our obsession with the BTC-USD price allows him to make this argument with a straight face.

Attn crypto traders: Bitcoin went from $1 to $58,000. If you’re not wealthy by now, you didn’t do it. You missed. You completely struck out on the greatest run in the last 100 years. If you own like ....
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Bitcoin Sell-Off Attracting More Investors

With Bitcoin (BTC) correcting from its recent all-time high to just above $45,000, it’s led many to wonder where the sell-off will take us...