Clueless about cryptocurrency and bitcoin, and need advice

1M Ago
Hello everyone, I just want to start off by saying I don't know much about cryptocurrency and how it works, I am not interested in investing, I am just in a situation where I don't know what to do. I do not know fancy terms or anything. I really don't know if I can ask this here so please, let me know if there's a better place to ask! I was given some bitcoin a while ago, in an exchange of services, and just kind of forgot about it. I left it sitting on the app Blockchain in a wallet there. I believe it is around $250 USD, because I have converted it from BTC to USD. I want to take it out and just have it for myself as I really need the funds now, but I believe Blockchain is a US app. I only have a Canadian bank account. I do have my boyfriend who is in the US with a US bank account. I tried to figure out how to connect the wallet to my bank but it requires a bank transfer and that's (I believe) a $45 additional charge on my account which I, of course, don't want to pay. My boyfriend is totally fine with using his bank account but the account is under my name so I don't think they'll let him connect, and Blockchain has horribly unhelpful customer service. What do I do? Can I transfer this somehow to a Canadian app/wallet? Does he just make an account and I send him the money? Is there any other way to take this money out safely? Thank you in advance.