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Change My View: Bitcoin is not ready for mass adoption, nor is the world ready for Bitcoin

I don't now how best to phrase which isn't ready for which. Maybe they really both aren't ready for each other. But this is my best way of describing my beliefs. I'm an average tech-savy 20 something. I know a little about a lot, but not a lot about a little when it comes to technology. I'm, also, someone who's been trying to understand Bitcoin for the past couple months. I have a decent grasp on the major points, but it's still hard to wrap my head around everything. That being said, I feel like if I tried to explain Bitcoin to my parents or even some of my friends, their heads would explode. My point being, with the halving upcoming and people thinking a strong bull-market is on the horizon, if a lot of people come on board, the average person may struggle to understand all the intricacies of Bitcoin, which will lead people to being taken advantage or frustrated with the process. Bitcoin (it's community and accompanying platforms) needs to do a better job explaining and simplifying the process to make everything more user-friendly. I understand that this is/has been happening gradually overtime. I guess my fear is, if too many people jump on-board tomorrow, it won't end well for a lot of people, leaving people bitter about Bitcoin. And that will make it harder for a real broad adoption once everything is more streamlined for average users.
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