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Case Wallet Bitcoin Hardware Devices to Shut Down From November - move your coins

Bitcoin hardware wallet Case Wallet will halt service starting 1st November 2017. Manufacturer Cryptolabs said it’s due to mobile internet providers phasing out 2G networks faster than they anticipated.

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Devices Sold for $199

It’s a blow to customers who bought Case Wallet devices, which sold for about $199 USD. Users need to contact Case support for instructions on how to retrieve their private keys and move their BTC balances to a new address.

The company‘s email statement read:

2G is being sunset globally at a faster pace than we originally anticipated and Case becomes unusable in an area where 2G gets retired since it can’t access the Internet to perform transactions. The “Buy and Sell” functionality within Case has been suspended because Celery has discontinued their service.

Additionally, Cryptolabs is “parting ways with our third key recovery partner. We were unable to find an adequate substitute who met our strict guidelines for transparently managing customer recovery keys.”

Cryptolabs will now shift its attention to a new two-factor hardware signing device called Token.

Case Wallet an Ambitious Product

Case Wallet devices were pretty revolutionary when they first appeared in 2015, with an ambitious feature list.

They included multisig functionality with one embedded private key and another stored remotely on a server. The devices communicated with the network via a 2G GSM connection.

The credit card-sized hardware included a keypad, camera, screen, and fingerprint scanner to send, receive and authenticate transactions. It also connected to an exchange service to buy and sell BTC.

Anecdotally, we didn’t see many Case Wallet devices in the wild and some users reported multiple issues. Its official Twitter account has posted only once in the past year.

Cryptolabs also appears to be pivoting away from the digital cu...

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