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Casa releases low-fee option for buying BTC straight to multisig

Casa is the smartest way to buy bitcoin and keep it safe by default.

Today, we’re excited to announce another major update: U.S. customers can now buy bitcoin with ultra-low fees by linking your bank account!

What you need to know

🏆 Lowest fees in Bitcoin - Flat, fair 0.99% fee on all bitcoin purchased through bank transfers. That means more of your hard-earned fiat goes straight to growing your wealth in Bitcoin.

📈 Increased limits - Purchase up to $5,000 of BTC per week, $20,000 per month, or $240,000 per year.

🔐 Your keys, your bitcoin - but safer and smarter - When you purchase bitcoin with Casa, your coins are protected by our superior security model, which keeps you in full control. It’s your bitcoin, secured by your private keys. Because you always control your keys, you can rest easy.

Why it matters

As much as 50% of all bitcoin in circulation is held by third-party custodians.

Not only does this mean you’re missing out on one of Bitcoin’s key values - the ability to have full control and full sovereignty over your money - it also makes the Bitcoin network itself less resilient. Read more about that here:

The Custodian Menace A small number of custodians hold the private keys to a large amount of bitcoin. This is not good for Bitcoin.

Over the years, far too many Bitcoiners we know personally have given up on self-custody because it was too difficult or too risky.

Casa fixes this. When done right, holding your own bitcoin is far more secure than keeping it on an exchange. Self-custody eliminates an entire class of risks to your bitcoin. Casa helps you do it right, with an experience that’s just as easy as a custodial app.

With today’s update, it’s never been easier to safely, confidently grow your HODL stash without ever sacrificing your independence. You are now free to skip the exchange altogether.

How to get started On the purchase screen in your Casa App, tap “Bank Ac...
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