Can you double spend on Mars?


Let’s say I’m at my local butcher’s place while visiting my vacation home on Mars. I buy several pounds of steak for 25 sats, the transaction is validated in about 10 minutes, and I go home and eat.

Meanwhile, my gold digging wife on Earth whom I share a wallet with runs off with her boyfriend and spends all my money on vegan insect burgers at the same time.

Since the speed of light takes more than 10 minutes to go from Earth to Mars and vice versa, would both transactions clear for the moment?

Then, when the longer chain finally reaches Mars (assuming more work is being done on Earth) would it simply replace the chain on Mars, and as I’m finishing my steak the butcher would realize he no longer has my 25 sats because my wife spent it all on the bigger chain?

Or would the transactions simply not go through until the nodes on Mars agree with the nodes on Earth?

Thank you for your intelligent responses, I’m still trying to understand the technical aspects of the blockchain and hopefully this will help others gain a better understanding as well.