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Can someone shed some light on this situation

I apologize for the lack of information ahead of time, this is just something I heard earlier today and I was hoping someone here had more information or experience they can share. (I am not familiar with bitcoin or blockchains hence why coming here asking for opinions) My friends brother has been investing $900 a month with some bitcoin investing service for the last 6 months. He sent my friend (his brother) a screenshot of his account showing he had 6.xx bitcoins. I think bitcoin is at almost $8,000 a bitcoin, is it possible to have such a radical turn around from a bitcoin investing service? Or something fishy going on? I asked him what the catches were and he told me that the service has 15% fee when you cash out, and then there is a 8% withdrawal fee on-top of that. On top of that, he said they can only cash out at the of the end of the month or when they let him (you choose month, week, etc). Im sitting here doing the math 23% of (8,000 x 6) - 5,400 (total investment) is about $32,000 in profit. Is it really that easy? Or is there something else going on?
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