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Can BTC work as money?

In wartimes, people that have buried their money/gold/whatever have been tortured until they spit out the location of their savings to their torturers. Today, that "locations" would be your 12/24 key phrases. Would BTC, thus, work in wartimes? Idk I recently heard the argument: Money can only work if there's a higher entity (state, government, police) that ensures a safe usage of money and ensures that money that you own can safely remain in your hands (there's no 100% guarantee, but at least it's not like we get robbed and killed for money on a daily basis, so the system works up to a point). So is it a good idea to position BTC as the "anarchical", individualistic, anti-centralistic anti-state money"? Wouldn't we rather want the state to support BTC? What could we do to have the state support BTC (partially against what's currently considered to be a a state's interest)?
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