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Buying Bitcoin Is Choosing the Laws of Mathematics Over the Arbitrariness of Corrupt Humans

Buying Bitcoin Is Choosing the Laws of Mathematics Over the Arbitrariness of Corrupt Humans

Illustration by Sylvain Saurel

Bitcoin passed the point of no return in 2020. The coronavirus pandemic that swept the world triggered an economic crisis that showed more than ever that the current monetary and financial system is flawed. Even more worrying is the fact that there is no indication that this system can be fixed.

IMF economists are calling for a Great Reset, a kind of Bretton Woods 2.0, but they seem to pretend to ignore the fact that the powerful at the head of the current system have no interest in seeing a system that benefits them so much change.

Faced with a totally unfair system, as long as you are on the side of the tiny minority that benefits massively from this unfairness, you have little interest in wanting to change the system completely. The Great Reset desired by the IMF cannot be started by those who are running the current system.

The Great Reset of the current system started on January 3, 2009

Only a popular revolution is now in a position to trigger this Great Reset. This is precisely what Bitcoin embodies. More than a financial investment with a phenomenal return, Bitcoin is a popular revolution. When you buy Bitcoin, you cast a vote. Many people don’t realize this, but that is the profound meaning of buying BTC.

When you buy Bitcoin and then become a Bitcoin HODLer, you are voting for the Great Reset of the current monetary and financial system. Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention is indeed the Great Reset of the current system. A Great Reset that started discreetly at the end of the 2000s, before growing continuously throughout 2010.

2020 finally representing the year when everything changed for Bitcoin.

2020: The Year When Everything Changed for Bitcoin

Major companies, institutional investors, investment legends, and billionaires have opted for Bitcoin instead of gold to face the great monetary...

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