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Buyers Pact 馃憣 3:30PM Central Time Fridays

I would like to start a group purchase at $10 per participant at a set time every week regardless of market conditions. I know that it may seem silly at first but the $10 mark is something that most people can afford. It's not about any sort of market moving strategy it's more about a commitment to making Bitcoin a success. I think that we should view the $10 as doing our part to help Bitcoin continue to set a new higher low than every year before...I think it's possible that this group can grow to massive numbers and I do get excited when I think about 10,000,000 people buying $10 worth of Bitcoin at the same time each week. This would be bigger than Bakkt and bigger than institutions nothing against them but I have more faith in people and the power of their numbers especially the hodlers 馃憤 I'm open to criticism but please be thoughtful.
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Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #85

This week鈥檚 newsletter announces the release of C-Lightning 0.8.1, requests help testing a Bitcoin Core maintenance release, summarizes a discussion about taproot versus implementing MAST and schnorr ...
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Coinbase introduces crypto debit card

Perhaps even more importantly though, Coinbase is the first cryptocurrency company with the power to issue debit cards for others, including other cryptocurrency companies.
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Bitcoin Gives You Certainty in an Unstable World

The world we live in is increasingly unstable. This instability manifests itself both politically and economically. As individuals, we do not know very well what lies ahead of us in the future. The鈥