Buy Bitcoin via The Invisible Internet Project - I2P


Hey community. We are pleased to announce that now it's possible to buy Bitcoin via our I2P link:

  • Trocador.i2p (you need to configure your Browser to access I2P first, of course)

In the case of Trocador, all our products work out of the box also for I2P. This means that anyone can simulate rates via API, create trades, check transactions, plus using our AnonPay Payment Gateway solutions, or even create invoices with our Payment Generator... all over I2P tunnels.

Are we the first exchange aggregator to be on I2P? Cool. In any case, we intend to continue pushing for privacy and implementing solutions that benefit our users. We are currently exploring whether there are possibilities that allow us to add decentralized exchanges rates among our own and allow users to transact with us in a way that streamlines the user experience and drives its adoption. We are also looking at ways to provide more pairs to swap with Bitcoin Lightning.

Trocador.i2p website


We are currently looking for people capable of translating the Trocador website into other languages. Those interested, please let us know via Telegram or E-mail. We will pay 100 USD equivalent in Bitcoin for translation in the following languages:

  • Hindi


When adding our address on i2p, check that our Base32 is correct:

In case you still have not set up your Browser to navigate I2P websites, you can also check out our integrations over Tor (using Tor Browser or Brave):

Or you can also use on Clearnet:

What we have developed so far on Trocador

  • Privacy preserving exchange aggregator with more than a dozen different exchanges;
  • No use of JavaScript in order to prevent device fingerprinting;
  • Onion support (and now I2P support);
  • Fixed and floating rate swaps;
  • Payment mode (reverse swap with fixed rate);
  • Development of our API and Referral System;
  • AnonPay payment gateway, where stores and websites can monetize their audiences or sell their products;
  • Development of our own BTCPay server plugin, where stores can receive any cryptocurrency and automatically swap to Bitcoin;
  • Trocador Guarantee: insurance coverage for trades;