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But do you ACTUALLY get it?

In 2013 the Cyprus government has closed banks and confiscated 6.75% from accounts with less than 100k euro, and 9.9% from accounts with 100k euro and above. If your government would do this to you, would you be upset and angry? You saved up money, worked your arse off for it, and here they are closing your access to it in one moment and taking a big chunk because of their incompetent failure to run a stable monetary system. Now imagine this happening to you EVERY YEAR. This is inflation. They have done this to you YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. They are taking from you without you noticing, and just because your government currency stays in the same amount, it doesn't look like you're actually losing something. THEY ARE SYPHONING YOUR TIME AND EFFORT. YEARLY, MONTHLY, DAILY. no need to be upset. what's done is done. opt out. own your time.
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