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This slight uptick is about to get decimated. below is the real timeline of the coronavirus, and if you think Bitcoin will hold up above 5k then good luck! ​ Real timeline of coronavirus: 2-3 week quarantine will happen in most major cities. the writing is on the wall, and other cities will follow NYC and San Fran's lead market SPY will drop below 200 / S&P500 will drop below 2k, maybe even 150 or lower. so many signs and more bad news to come including earnings which are going to be awful Quarantine can't just go on forever. I expect 2-3 weeks to be people's limit before they literally refuse to do it on a wide scale. By this time confirmed cases will shoot up to 100k or more. not necessarily new cases, but people walking around with it already Quarantine continues for high risk population for a month or so after that
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Bears are stronger for now

The $ 7,000 threshold was very important to confirm the short-term uptrend and recovery of BTC after a strong dumpe in March.