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Building Your Own Bitcoin Satellite Node: Part 3 — Dish Alignment

Sweeping and setting the dish’s azimuth

At this point your graph will be more or less flat. Now we can focus on setting the azimuth correctly. Slowly sweep left to right and back while watching the FFL Intab. I used the previously mentioned iOS app to help with setting the azimuth:


If you are successful, you will see a lump in the graph similar to this but not necessarily as clear:

Nice! Now you can adjust the azimuth (side to side), elevation (up/down), and polarity of your LNB to get a bigger “lump”, and therefore a better signal.

The objective is to have a clear lump similar to this:

To confirm your signal is good, you can click on the Abs PMF Out tab and see a single large peak:

You can also click over to the Costas Sym Out tab and see four groupings of dots:

Finally, the terminal where you are running will print out:

#### Frame synchronization acquired ####

Congrats! You’ve successfully aligned your dish to the Blockstream Satellite!

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