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BTCPay Server version released • New features !

Today, we’re excited to release BTCPay Server The freshly-baked version introduces several new features together with several bug fixes and improvements.

With this release, BTCPay Server continues to be a tech-stack which glues many prominent projects built on top of Bitcoin and displays it in a coherent, unified interface for the end-user. Changelog Brand new kick-ass login and register page design from @taratan (@DennisReimann @NicolasDorier) Exposing Bitcoin RPC on Tor v3 for Fully Noded integration (@NicolasDorier) Eclair support (@Kukks @NicolasDorier) Fix status message of PaymentRequest (@NicolasDorier) Fix tx link in payment request (@NicolasDorier) Make sure the recommended fee on the invoice target 1 block confirmation by default, make it configurable (@ubolator) Improve pay button display options section (@ubolator) More pay button improvements (@dennisreimann) Fix Payment request “Cancel invoice” button always showing (@Kukks) Docker deployment: Eclair support (@Kukks @NicolasDorier @araspitzu) ElectrumX support, must not prune and txindex (@maltokyo) Improved of error message if conflicting docker fragments are used (@NicolasDorier) Expose Bitcoin RPC via Tor v3 (@NicolasDorier), safe as explained here. The new login page

The login page is now the first page you will see when you’re not logged into your instance. This page redesign is only just a small step towards a bigger effort for UX/UI improvements.

This UI was designed by @taratan and was implemented by @NicolasDorier, @DennisReimann and coordinated by @r0ckstardev. This version still requires improvements to achieve the ideal version and we will continue to improve the page based on user feedback.

We improve and grow thanks to your constant feedback. The changes on login page should now provide clear call-to-action and lead users towards the further setup.

We made the decision to improve things gradually and avoid o...

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