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BTCPay Server has been released

Today, we released the new BTCPay Server – v1.0.5.4. This release introduces a new, default Bitcoin-only build, UX and UI improvements, fixes several bugs and two low-risk security vulnerabilities.

🆕What’s new in v1.0.5.4? ⚒️ Bitcoin-only build

While Bitcoin has always been the focus of the project, we’ve allowed altcoin communities to integrate altcoins and maintain them. In the beginning, the impact on the source code has been minimal.

However, people started requesting and adding cryptocurrencies with radically different designs such as: Monero, Liquid and recently ETH/ERC20. Adding cryptocurrencies with different designs presents a risk that a bug in one of them may affect the stability of the entire software, even for people that don’t enable them.

BTCPay Server now has two separate builds.

The Bitcoin only build and the Altcoin build. The Bitcoin build is the new default and excludes every bit of code related to altcoins from the source code. The Altcoin build includes the source code of all altcoins integration. We discussed this with the contributor who is working on ETH support and they built the additional Bitcoin-only mode as part of their efforts.

We considered creating a separate BTCPay Server fork for altcoins and let each coin maintain their own fork. This strategy used by Electrum. But from experience, it means a fragmentation of the contributors and a decrease of overall quality of the software (some bugs are not fixed everywhere and some features are not available everywhere).

What does this mean for BTCPay Server users? If you don’t have altcoins enabled, by default you’ll be running the bitcoin only build, where no code related to altcoins is included. If you have altcoin(s) enabled, you’ll be running the altcoin build. To disable the altcoin build, simply remove altcoin(s) from your setup and re-run it. When you switch from altcoin to bitcoin only build, all altcoin related payment data in the ...
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