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BTC/USD Up +5.5%, U.S. SEC Head Jay Claiton Makes A Remark

Today’s market share plunged in the vicinity of some new multi-months low levels, therefore, igniting fresh new speculations about another festive altcoin season. Across the planet, regulators have made themselves very busy with researching brand new technologies to stay ahead.

The technical picture simply suggests that the may once again enter a range-bound movement just before facing another bullish tidal wave.

In other news, the cryptocurrency has had another of the chart week with sharp variations. has managed to gain a total value of +5% on a weekly basis and this not exactly the best result because many top tier altcoins registered solid amounts of double-digit gains. Moreover, is now close to a +33% height, has also managed to jump by a value of +22% and by +20%.

It comes in as no surprise that BTC influence dropped to a monthly low of 64.1%, but overall parameters have managed to hit the recent high points close to the 72% value on the 3rd of January, but since then it has been declining continuously across the chart.

This momentum has managed to prompt a wide array of tensed discussions about the upcoming altseason, however far some arguments may go it is more than clear that the decline towards 60% serves as a solid confirmation for this theory.

Significant Market Movements

For the time being the pair is trading in the close vicinity of $10,316 and so far it has gone upwards by a positive value of +5.5% daily, but it is clear that correction movement has been very short.The BTC/USD pair is expected to touch soon a new 2020 high level which would be in the proximity of the $10,385 value.At the same time, the pair is trading high in the proximity of $246.88 therefore it has gone upwards by a positive value of +12.15% daily. In other words the backed away from the intra-day high place of $248.19 and for the time being, its intentions are suggesting that a solid bullish trend amid weak volatility might be ...

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