BTC rabbit hole has killed all my consumerist instincts that I grew up with.

1M Ago
Me being a millennial, I am very surprised and shocked that how learning things about BTC has removed all the consumerist instincts to buy useless things that doesn't add any value in my life. It took me 4 months of self convincing to buy a new laptop. It was a constant struggle of me asking me "Do I really need it? I would rather buy BTC with it". It became evident that I would need it only when it will improve my life in some way. Only when I saw that I could do awesome projects that I always wanted to do and will make me happier I bought myself a laptop. And the specs that I got would last for good 5 to 6 years. According to me we the revaluation of what is valuable for me and what will make me happier is the real benefit of BTC rabbit hole. I know, there are lot of people juggling with same kind of things. Would love to know your side of the story.