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BTC is forever changed. Stop whining and take advantage of it.

**TL;DR:** The BTC market has undergone a fundamental change and we are never going back to the world of a year ago. This was bound to happen. But the fundamentals of the technology haven't changed, and Whale Dominance of the market is NOT the same thing as centralization. So get used to it, and adapt to the new environment! Okay, now the long version: A lot of us got involved with Bitcoin for philosophical reasons. Most of us who have been around for more than a year, I'd say, got involved with BTC because of what it offers in terms of freedom from the state, freedom from centralization, privacy, opposition to fractional reserve banking and inflation, etc. You can all these old-timers the "Philosophical Bitcoiners." And you can count me in that group. I got into BTC because I got sick of the government and big corporate interests screwing me over every few years with recessions, bailouts, tax laws that benefit the wealthy over the working man, etc. But I always knew the "whales" would come, that eventually our own success would draw the wealthy over to BTC and they would begin manipulating and dominating the markets. In [this recent post]( I explained how and why whales let us, the Philosophical Bitcoiners, take all the risk and do all the investing in building out this platform. Now that the whales have entered, we have to understand the shift in circumstances. I see a lot of people whining about the current state of affairs, complaining that people don't invest in BTC for the right reasons any more, that folks are just buying BTC to try to get rich. And yeah, thay annoys me as well. I WANT people to understand BTC, understand what makes it fundamentally different from any previous financial instrument in history. But the whales, specifically, don't care about ANY of that. They fetishize BTC in the way they fetishize all commodities. That is to say: When whales inv...
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