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BTC and Libra Coin and the New Digital Economy

Hi there! TLDR: please read my MAIN QUESTION! Just wanted to open a discussion re: BTC and the true decentralization of it (OK, well 97% decentralized, but let's not get into the miners 'control' it debate), versus huge intra-corporational projects like Libra. Please go to their website and read a bit about it for a comparison. My MAIN QUESTION is this, most of us are here because we like, value and believe in the tennents of decentralized, trustless, immutable, government free money/store of value. Essentially we believe in Bitcoin and what Satoshi meant for it to represent... BUT, I feel like the banking system, and national governments more slowly, are taking stock of the rapid technological changes in finance/trade (cryptocurrencies) and are essentially upgrading the system. They're taking some elements of blockchain. I know Libra is not a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. But the question is, WILL THE PUBLIC ACTUALLY CARE? Will the average teen, or boomer or whomever actually care that Libra is controlled by 15 mega corporations? Or will they actually think this is a GOOD thing? (It's backed up by these corporations! They'll say. It's more safe, they'll say). The intellectual concept of Bitcoin is a new framework. Projects like Libra cater to the lowest common denominator. I feel like we're in the beginning of a monetary system upgrade... and that Libra will appeal to a lot of people that BTC might not. Any insightful comments? Thanks in advance. And of course, HODL strong everyone!
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