BTC - A Revolution for Energy


I’m still firmly on a huge learning curve, so please bear with me. I’m also very keen for some strong, blue-sky dreaming in the comments - please do engage and map out your hypothetical ideas

I’ve recently been struck by how BTC mining is significantly transforming energy creation, waste and usage. I was always aware that the negative narrative around BTC energy consumption was vastly overplayed, but I hadn’t appreciated how the opposite is true. BTC is revolutionising energy

Someone shared a video with Dr. Saifedean Ammous and Dr. Jordan Peterson on this sub a couple weeks ago, which blew my mind …

JP: “It makes the cheap electricity more valuable?”

SA: “Absolutely. For the first time in history, we have a way to sell electricity which is location-independent”

JP: “So you don’t need wires?”

SA: “Exactly. To get electricity from the north of Ontario to Toronto requires huge infrastructure. Transporting gas is even more expensive …”

I could go on and quote the entire thing, it truly was incredible. It got me thinking of possibilities and also what I would do if I had the resources. Here’s my questions to you:

1) If you only had a modest sum of money, what would you do? Is it possible to buy a small plot of land somewhere remote but with the ability to generate abundant electricity on that land, and then harness it for mining?

2) If money wasn’t necessarily an object, is there a mega play that you would consider? Partnering with national grids? Something else?

Super interested to hear your ideas 🙂