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BTC, a response to the Cartel and the necessity of DeFi

Finding my legs in the Crypto sphere has been a wild ride to say the least. Watching BTC in particular drive up to its ATH was incredibly exciting for an anarcho-capitalist like me. I am not "allowed" to judge people as to why they are interested or invested in crypto, it is also an exercise in futility because in my opinion anybody invested/interested in BTC/Crypto are my allies. Allies in a fight against the central banks of the world - and the cartel. Call me paranoid, but I have seen what the central banks are capable of. For me it began in 2008 or so when I saw the govt. and politics doing things that were against my interests. Upon investigation I learned what the FED was and seemingly what their agenda was. A really great animated short presents their 100+ years of existence and history before the FED was created, which can allow the observer/investor/enlightened a more macro perspective into why *I* think BTC and Cryptocurrencies were created. The video can be found [here]( Two dimensionally we can see that the banking cartel are clearly not created for our best interest. I assert the banking cartel were created to control the money supply thereby limiting "peasant's" access to real assets in this world - controlling our lives, treating us like cattle. What crop are they harvesting? Our life force, our souls, our ability to create wealth. Do not sell humans short for an instant. We are capable of incredible feats, however, leashed like a broken horse we are now tools for the masters to reap financial benefits of **our** work/labor/intelligence/beauty/etc. The banking system, the diamond cartel in Africa, the enforcement through the military industrial complex are all a part of **The Cartel**. The Cartel is extremely developed and they have another language for how they speak about world events. What we hear in this world is not the world as they know it. In the words of George Carlin: >It's a big club, and you ain't in it. ...
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