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More on kaleido AWS integrations. Full video discusses komgo more indepth which uses kaleido and is being deployed in petro trading. I'm aware "but its a private chain."

The number of companies exploring blockchain solutions has skyrocketed, but for most, it is unclear where to start and what the right use cases are for their business. Hear from Steve Cerveny, CEO of Kaleido, about real-world use cases and solutions of the Blockchain Business CloudTo learn more about Kaleido and try it yourself, visit: https://kaleido.ioFollow us on social media!Twitter:

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Great thread about the Bitcoin (double) standard

1/ The Bitcoin (double) Standard A deep dive into the cognitive dissonance of nocoiners, and the ridiculous double standard they have for Bitcoin. Thread 👇— Dan Hedl (@danheld) December 12, 2018
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Weiss- ratings says BUY BTC

Wiess Ratings has told its investment community to buy bitcoin, saying now is the "best buying opportunity" for the leading cryptocurrency.
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Use Bitcoin to Ride With Uber

The hard-working team here at Fold has spent the last couple of months updating our backend and user experience. While this was very much needed, it was also in anticipation of some new features and…
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Pepe find Bitcoin

Get your own Pepe plush AKRacing chair is a comfy investment Donate to help send Pepe to rehab BTC: 36dUyEPxn...