Book Review of Reckless: The Story Of Cryptocurrency Interest Rates Paperback – by Jonathan Bier - The Author of the Blocksize Wars...Don't Buy It.


So this was disappointing. The author did a great job with his former book the blocksize wars, and I will continue to recommend that one.

But this one is on another level of shilling for shitcoins and making excuses for people like do kwon, while turning a blind eye to FTX.

The author through out his book sounds like he's trying to not get sued. So he rarely calls anything out explicitly.

His last three chapters are dedicated to simping for proof of stake and the top shitcoin.

It was really disappointing.

Not to mention, it was published as FTX was imploding, so that whole saga isn't even in the book.

I don't recommend reading this, or buying it.