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BlueWallet releases LNurl-pay and Ground Control

To Major Tom

Today we are releasing BlueWallet v5.5.2 and it brings 2 features that I would like to introduce and give a little walk through.

1. Push notifications

To make push notifications possible we develop a new Free and Open Source service called “Ground Control”.

Ground Control is a notifications center for Bitcoin wallets, that you will be able to run in a self-hosted fashion to not be depend on BlueWallet’s server.

It supports Bitcoin and LNDhub, receive transactions, pending and confirmed onchain transactions. It processes blocks and a mempool in search of subscribed onchain addresses in order to provide notifications for users. Built with typescript, expressjs, mariadb & openapi.

You can also easily setup your own Ground Control server, and have a more privacy-aware push notifications setup.

See more here:

2. LNurl-pay

Services that support LNurl-Pay (like @bitrefill) allow you to pay or easily repeat a payment without you having to open this service or ask to generate an invoice. Think about it as a UX improvement for Lightning.

lnurl pay

LNurl-Pay can have some interesting use cases in the future, and going towards a more mobile-friendly type of interaction. For instance:

Donation sites Restaurant menus Pricing tags in market shelves Bike/scooter-sharing services and other indie stuff Any site that wants to accept payments
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