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Blockstream Green Now on Desktop

As of today, Blockstream Green is available on desktop, with versions available for macOS, Windows, and Linux. The new desktop release includes most of the mobile Blockstream Green features, including Bitcoin, Liquid, and testnet support; multisig two-factor authentication (2FA); Liquid Securities support; and integrated Tor support.

2-of-3 Account Creation Now Available

Blockstream Green wallets typically use 2-of-2 multisig, with one key on the device and another held on the Blockstream Green servers protected by your preferred 2FA method. This ensures that even if someone compromises your device or mnemonic (seed phrase), they still cannot spend your funds without access to your 2FA.

With Blockstream Green Desktop, you can now create 2-of-3 multisig accounts, with an additional third key held offline for recovery. By holding bitcoins in a 2-of-3 account, you receive the same 2FA protection as a standard 2-of-2 account, while ensuring you always have immediate access even if you lose your 2FA method or the Blockstream Green service becomes unavailable (in a standard 2-of-2 wallet, it could take up to 90 days for the 2FA protection to expire before you could access your funds).

Although the mobile app can’t yet be used to create a new 2-of-3 account, you can import your Blockstream Green desktop wallet on the mobile app so that any 2-of-3 accounts created on desktop will also appear on mobile, ready for use.

Coming Soon

We have a number of new features that will be rolling out over the coming months for both the desktop and mobile versions of Blockstream Green:

CheckSequenceVerify recovery: CSV recovery will soon be activated by default, further reducing the need for trust in Blockstream Green and eliminating the need for an email address and nlocktime transactions in standard accounts (2-of-2). Once activated, CSV will apply to any new funds you receive. Hardware wallet support: We’ll be bringing the desktop app to parity ...
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