Blockchain size

7D Ago
As of writing this the Blockchain is 406GB Maybe this has been discussed before. But been reading over the size of the Blockchain and how people could either store or read the Blockchain while maintaining a certain level of decentralisation. I was thinking how the complete Blockchain for protection can be stored everywhere but not entirely everywhere. In silicon valley (TV series) the term data sharding is used and I have read how it's actually used in databases.... Just to clarify on know nodes can work on hashed merkle trees to better manage storage and for checking, instead monitor the block headers. But who should hold the "entire" block chain? Everyone! Why not instead have sections of the Blockchain (1GB chunks) distributed. To be on the network you must store a chunk of the Blockchain as well as the most recent (1GB chunk). People may need to store more than one chunk if more nodes leave the network. Each chunk stored be stored on at least 3 seperate/different nodes (redundancy). Does this make sense? Would this work