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BTC · 2w is a scammer website.

As I previously stated, I opened a wallet on and funded it with 4k of BTC. Within 3 days, the wallet was drained. I never gave my password or access authorization to anyone, including the "account executive" who enticed me to open it. This is a Russian hacker website. They are into the servers and have access to wallets. Get out while you can. I have a long record of communication with their "support", which got worse and worse. The last email sounded just like the hacker. Does this sound like a normal person to you? HI Martin Epperson, Unfortunately, you are the only one get scammed by this people. We did not receive anymore report dedicated with this people yet. Hacking can happen to anyone specially scam hacking can happen. We receive few cases regarding scammed hacking mostly time.There are many way , they can hack your password. Even we do not know who are them and it is hard to track them on blockchain system. We do concern all our customer. Unfortunately, Blockchain never has access or control of a user's funds in any way. The end user has 100% control over his or her own assets. I have already reported your case our security. Kind, Joe This is the most pathetic excuse for a support email I have ever seen. I have many more just like it. They are useless and I feel they are complicit in the scam. I lost 4 thousand dollars. Be warned. Do not put money in a wallet on this platform. It could happen to you.
Go to self.Bitcoin
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