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Bizarre moment Bitcoin cash machine starts firing out £20 notes at busy Tube station

Jackpot! Bizarre moment Bitcoin cash machine starts firing out £20 notes at busy Tube station as customer makes a withdrawal - and security guard has to shield the cash from passing commuters Security guards surrounded the Bitcoin ATM as £20 notes continued to spew out Stunned commuters stared at the ATM as a duffel bag nearby filled up with cash A customer stood sheepishly near the cash machine and gathered the money up 

By Danyal Hussain For Mailonline

Published: 08:55 BST, 11 June 2019 | Updated: 13:13 BST, 11 June 2019

A Bitcoin ATM started firing out wads of £20 notes in front of stunned commuters at a Tube station in London.

The footage, filmed at Bond Street station near Oxford Street, shows security guards surrounding the cash machine to stop people getting access to the money. 

A sheepish customer, believed to be making a large withdrawal, stood near the ATM, with a duffel bag placed on the floor filling up with money.  

The customer seemed to be collecting the money in the bag and even used his feet to push the cash closer together. 

He is ignored by the security guards as he watches the money pile up. 

Several commuters stop to stare at the cash as it pours out of the Bitcoin ATM.  

The Polish company that owns the machine said that it started spewing out notes because a customer was withdrawing a large amount of money. 

A man, believed to be withdrawing the cash, looks sheepish as he watches £20 notes pour out of the ATM and into his duffel bag

Security stops commuters from approaching the Bitcoin ATM at Bond Street underground station, near Oxford Street

It also insisted that the machine did not randomly start discharging the £20 notes.   

Adam Gramowski, owner and CEO of Bitcoin Technologis, claimed his company's machine was struggling to handle UK notes.

He told the Sun: 'As you can see there is a bag in the fr...

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