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BitPay will now demand Social Security number, photo ID and private address for all users making purchases of $3000+ or requesting refunds of $1000+ or receiving merchant payouts

Today we're introducing (and previewing) some important steps forward for payments, login, and ID verification on BitPay's platform.

User-focused features with the BitPay Dashboard

We now have a dashboard shoppers can use when paying BitPay merchants or accessing other tools BitPay provides for life and work on crypto. The BitPay Dashboard provides users access to transaction history and a personalized home for both their blockchain payments and future BitPay payment features.

Much of the work we're doing to make Bitcoin and other blockchains more useful for payments will have a place in these dashboards. And they're easy to create - you can create the simplest BitPay Dashboard with just an email and a password. If you have an account with BitPay already for our merchant processing or another product, you will now be able to access your own BitPay Dashboard, too.

Simple login and personalized experience with BitPay ID

The BitPay Dashboard is tied to a new login and identification method we're calling BitPay ID, a single-login way to access the BitPay Dashboard and BitPay business accounts. Think of it like Apple ID (Apple's universal login): a simple way to manage your payments information with BitPay and simplify logins for multiple BitPay products.

You can create a BitPay ID and access the BitPay Dashboard now.

Importantly, with verified BitPay IDs (a bit more about that below) we'll also be able to better mitigate risk in line with our identity verification measures here at BitPay.

Verification for refunds, payouts, and high-value payments

We are introducing a new identity verification flow for purchasers requesting refunds of $1,000 or more*1, for people receiving BitPay payouts, or for purchasers paying $3,000*1 or more to BitPay merchants (or loading via a BitPay prepaid product). If you're requesting a refund of $1,000+, receiving a payout from a business using BitPay's payouts API, or making...

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