Bitcoin Traders.. what info, metrics, macro, widgets, charts etc would you want in your ideal trading dashboard where you have all your charting and necessary info in one place ? What do you want, what do you don't want ?


Ive searched for a Crypto / Bitcoin Trading Dashboard that has all the information I need in one place and there doesn't seem to be one, so first of all do you know of anything that is currently available ?if there isn't one, Im going to build one and give it away to the crypto community that has helped me over the years.. So I would like your input on what you would want included in your ideal dashboard..

So the centerpiece of the dashboard should be a large fully featuredTradingViewChart that most of us are familiar with. This will take up about 70% of the realestate on your screen.. Then above and on the left & right sides of the chart there should be smaller widgets, ticker sized boxes that will display real time info, and little charts of various metrics will occupy the screen realestate around the Main Chart.

What I'd like from you is to tell me what information / metrics you would all want included and benefit from the most in a dashboard that has everything you want all in one place.

Macro info, on-chain metrics, widgets/tickers, your portfolio, links to top crypto news, Fed calendar etc

what do you want all on one screen ?