Bitcoin Tokenomics


I’m having a hard time finding what % of the initial BTC distribution was allocated to the Team, what % went to the Foundation, what % went to the Early Adopters, what % was set aside for the exclusive Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to Private Equity, what % was set aside for Ecosystem Support, and what % was set aside for Bitcoin, Inc.

I just studied the tokenomics of a few dozen of the cryptocurrencies in the top 25 market cap and literally every single one has these details available, but I’m not seeing this for Bitcoin.

Luckily for Bitcoin it’s not PoS and has gained adoption and proven itself, because imagine how much of a shitcoin scam this would lead to if one added PoS power and control to a chain that had such tokenomics like this in an unregulated space for a chain that’s brand new and has shown no promise yet??

Anyway, if anyone know those distributions let me know. Based on other PoS chains I’m guessing at lest 12.6M BTC had to be allocated to such insiders or else something is so fundamentally different about Bitcoin than every other cryptocurrency if not!