Bitcoin sucks?


I'm in El Salvador and wanted to embrace Bitcoin as it's legal tender here, at least on paper. Here's my gripes so far:

  • It costs money for everything! Want to buy it? There's a fee. Want to use it? There's a fee. Cash it out? You better believe there's a fee.This is a massive disadvantage to using USD as once you have USD, there's no fees to use it.
  • It's slow AF. Even when using the lightning network. When I paid for my groceries yesterday, it took so much longer than using my visa card or cash. The checkout lady basically gave me death stares, I held up the line and the transaction took ages. Then she had to put in some code. Which she got from a book. Did I mention it took ages. Oh and it cost me an extra dollar for the privilege.
  • it's volitile. Locals may accept it but they go and cash it out ASAP. They don't want Bitcoin, they want USD. Most live day to day so they're not looking for investments.

Going forward I won't be using it at all. The only possible use case would be if I was to buy a car or something and it was cheaper and faster than an international wire, but day to day no way.

I'm aware that contrary opinions aren't necessarily welcome on a Bitcoin subreddit but I'm interested in what you guys have to say given the obvious drawbacks I've experienced.

Edit: I used muun wallet. I've learnt that's not on the lightning network and there's better options in terms of wallets. I'm not from El Salvador, just here short term, maybe medium to long term. Time will tell. Thanks to all the replies.