Bitcoin Sentiment VS Market Sentiment


I am one of those who believe in sentiment being a huge factor in making investment decisions.

I have now finished a short analysis on how the two subjected narratives moved in an isolated period of December 2022.

The idea here is to see how much people write about sentient on Bitcoin and on the marekts in general, on a significant amount of different platforms - Financial news sites and SoMe platforms etc.

I have below presented a short summary of the analysis. The turning points are where people either start writing more and more or less and less on the two subjects.

Bitcoin VS Market on sentiment - how widespread are the two subjects in the markets:

Looking at 20 turning points in the period 01.12.2022 - 14.12.2022:
BitS turning 2hr before MarS: 7 times
MarS turning 2 hr before BitS: 1 time
Turning in same 2 hr interval: 12 times