Bitcoin's user experience....


is not great to say the least

If I had to choose the number one impediment to mass adoption it would be the user experience/interface.

This is no different than the user experience in the early days of the internet. You essentially needed to be a coder to use the internet. That's one reason people of the era couldn't fathom the potential for the internet. Their view was clouded by the state of the user experience at the time, the internet demanded too much of the casual user. Obviously, this was fixed with the World Wide Web interface.

What I am looking for is the list of issues with the current bitcoin user experience and how far long or what companies/protocols are working to fix these issues.

Bitcoin, based on its underlying characteristics, objectively should be the next global monetary asset. However, the infrastructure is just not there yet for mass adoption.

What needs to be done for bitcoin to be ready for prime time?