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Bitcoin’s Opponents Are the Symbol of the Losing Battle Between the Disrupted and the Disruptors

Fierce opposition to a major disruption like Bitcoin is déjà vu

Thinking about it, I think it is possible to draw a parallel between Bitcoin and many other major technological disruptions in recent decades.

When television was really able to develop after the Second World War, all the major radio station executives were unanimous. For them, television was a bad idea.

Some even went so far as to say that television would have no success, and that radio would remain dominant.

Today, we can see what the situation is like. Television plays a dominant role in the lives of billions of people on Earth. Nevertheless, radio has not disappeared. Its uses have evolved, and the most resistant have been forced to undergo the television revolution.

When the mainstream Internet began to become widespread in the late 1990s, many newspaper bosses took to the streets, saying that the Internet would not be successful.

They said that newspapers could never be replaced.

When I was looking for old newspaper articles from the mid-1990s, I found an article in Newsweek with a rather tasty headline when you read it in 2020:

The Internet? Bah!Hype alert: Why cyberspace isn’t, and will never be, nirvana Newsweek article “The Internet? Bah!”

If it is true that it was rather difficult to quickly find what you wanted on the Web at the time, the arrival of Google has changed the situation and made the Web extraordinarily practical.

From now on, when someone has a question about any subject, his reflex is always the same: he turns on his computer, or goes to his smartphone, and does a Google search.

Newspapers haven’t disappeared, but they have had to evolve. The ones that took the longest to evolve are the ones that finally had the hardest time surviving. Most newspapers have now a digital-first strategy.

You don’t stop a major technological disruption just because you feel threatened. The revolution will happen with or without you...

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