Bitcoin RNG Vulnerabilities

9D Ago
I was exploring online and then found some articles about RNG vulnerability in Bitcoin wallets . By which if you use a less secure Bitcoin wallet then it may be at the verge of getting hacked . ABOUT : When we send bitcoin to someone it is signed with a random number ' r ' . Many weak wallets "re" -use the same r value or use a small number as r due to which it can be hacked . By a small reverse engineering. CHECK IF YOUR WALLET IS VULNERABLE:- I was searching for some code to find if a wallet is vulnerable or not and I found a code , but the code was not working and was giving a lot of errors as it was made for old version so i fixed the code and updated everything and tested ok ( for approx 5hrs. ) And if you need the python code you can just message me . ** I am not pasting any url here as it doesn't seem good and makes it sp*m **