Bitcoin, profit, mining, arbitrage, which is better in my opinion

1M Ago
MINING In the last five years, an increasing number of people are thinking about mining cryptocurrencies. Mining becomes more accessible and understandable. All the necessary information is chewed up and spread out on the Internet. But people still feel fear and distrust of this type of earnings. Why? Yes, because mining lives according to the laws of the market and is subject to cycles. Yes, I agree, at the moment, video cards have started to get cheaper, and we all know perfectly well that in the near future the cryptocurrency will rise, but even personally I name 2 farms with 3090ti video cards for 10 video cards, I'm thinking about selling the farm, it began to bring less income, as well as electricity at this time, and service is already becoming more expensive, it is worth understanding that we are all going for profit, not for losses! arbitrage Not so long ago I started studying arbitration, in fact, arbitration is a very hidden topic, because I have little knowledge about cryptocurrency. you are unlikely to be able to make money on this, and this hobby is not cheap, but recently I talked to my friend from Hong Kong, and he advised not to make arbitration banal on all exchanges, it's enough to look for Chinese exchanges that are open in China, he gave an example of a recent exchange that opened for everything "Hong Kong Exchange KudX is expanding its international operations and welcomes new traders from all over the world." I'm quoting my friend And to tell the truth, if you are looking for exchanges for arbitrage, this should be done very deeply, because the cryptocurrency revolution is in full swing, and you should understand that this is for the benefit of everyone! So, I will tell you about my successful experience, how I started making a profit from binance on kudx arbitrage First I'll show you how it works: 1. Compare exchange price ​ * and so we see that on binance the BTC exchange rate costs $19,934.62 and we see that on kudx $21,472.12 * and we understand that the difference is $1,537.5 Even if you deduct the entire commission for the transfer, it comes out $ 1,498 1. What do we need to do? we buy bitcoin on binance, then transfer it to kudx, sell btc for usdtand make a profit of $ 1,498 and all the friends who have doubts, I will show you my transactions, and I will leave a screen at the bottom that I earn on this already and at the moment I have already earned $ 40,000 Lets look at my example: [I made a deposit 21.8$]( [ then withdraw 23.7$ ≈ 1.9$ profit trade]( [ Now i deposit 267$ ]( [ then withdraw 281.6$ ≈ 14.6$ profit trade]( [And now i deposit 1068$ ]( [then withdraw 1139.6$ ≈ 71$ profit trade]( []( HOW CAN YOU START ARBITRAGE TRADING? 1.Register an account binance 2.Register an account kudx 3.We recommend starting at 1BTC to get real profit Do not believe? Try to exchange 15$ and you will understand everything my profit for 1 week 40000$