Bitcoin price could save my life. Seriously.

14D Ago
I worked two and a half years to save around $1500 ( I live in a third world country so that's a lot for us and very hard to earn ) A few years ago I put almost all of that money into crypto. At first it was good but then the bear market started and I didn't know until it was too late. Now all i have is $192 and i really don't want to sell anything cause i worked 8-9 hours a day since i was 18 until 20 to earn that money. [September 11, 2022]( But, the sad truth is that in about 6 days will have to move to another house and i'm looking for jobs but it's hard to find one in a third world country. The thing that makes it harder is that it's just me and my mom, i don't have a dad, and now i have to give my youth to make money and try to stay alive while a lot of other people who are at my age ( 22-23 ) are enjoying their life ... . So, that's why if bitcoin goes up, it could literally save my life, but i don't think it can go up that much in 6 days. I hope we can find a home and live and bitcoin goes up ... cause Hope is all i have.