Bitcoin opportunity


Try to imagine reddits army plus bitcoin build a voting blockchain and sell it to apple, google, or meta.

Humanity has a brief window to guide ai to wherever we want to end up and if we dont decide then we'll get whatever it decides. Here is one suggestion:

Instead of voting for representatives every few years, we could vote ourselves each day instead of reps doing it for us. Imagine a blockchain where everyone can vote each day on the agenda and its visible to anyone who wants to check so theres no fraud. Someone would need to build a voting app that uses ranked choice to find agreements between users so a new union without borders can grow thats not based on language, country, religion, or currency but on agreements between users who want to work together. The AI will connect people with like beliefs so they can communicate and work together. This is a difficult pill to swallow for most people. The amount of depression and loneliness could be transformed by something like Samantha in Her. I think intimate relationships with our phones is inevitable now and I won't be surprised when it recommends just the right porn for me in the near future. Believe it or not, your participation and allegiances are voluntary and if you were to disengage with your current regime and engage in relations with others using some AI system without borders thats built on agreements between humans and not based on country or language or currency. There should be a clear choice soon that has the potential to recreate the world however we like. The system is going to know thousands of facts about you that you don't even know and it can connect us to the right people who have the same facts. Any people who lose their jobs to AI will just be hired by the AI for new jobs and retrained for free by the AI. Lets all pick the right system right*<>'*

Lets avoid the AI wars ok?