Bitcoin only wins in a world of honest actors...

1M Ago
I'm thinking a lot recently about future Bitcoin trajectory, and how we might get there. Like many of you I will be glad to see the back of the corrupt fiat money system, and into a world with much smaller, more accountable governments. Feels like we're at peak corruption everywhere right now, definitely the last days of Rome vibes. The thing I'm wrestling with is how exactly do we get to the point where Bitcoin has won. For Bitcoin to "win" (hyperbitcoinisation or whatever) it needs mass adoption from the population, not the few % of mostly outsiders or contrarians that we have at the moment. We need regular folk who know nothing about economics or finances to adopt this, want to hold it over a crumbling fiat, and want to exchange it for goods and services, bypassing fiat entirely. The incentives of Bitcoin definitely work, but only in a world filled with self-serving honest actors... I am convinced the protocol strikes all of the right incentive balances (Satoshi was a freaking genius). But this only applies to a world full of "honest actors" who are acting in a genuine manner for their own self interest. I actually don't believe this to be the case. The elites of the world are "dishonest actors", and they have all of the power. Think about it for a moment. All of the power right now in the world is centralised in the hands of a few hundred people at the very top of the food chain. Some of these names we know, some we don't. If you believe Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos are the richest men on the planet for example, then God help you! All of these people (think Bilderberg Group, WEF, BIS, IMF, Club of Rome etc) derive their power through the fiat money system - they are the central bankers and owners of mega corporations. They also own all of the mainstream media outlets, or otherwise have huge controlling influence over them. These people will do anything to prevent Bitcoin winning. Now for sure, they can't stop the network. You can't "kill" Bitcoin, short of a total thermonuclear war that destroys humanity (even then you'd probably have a node or two that survives). But they can stop adoption pretty easily. They own the mainstream media, the broadcast media/print media etc. Constant FUD on MSM, no corporation putting it on their balance sheets, constant hit-pieces, CBDCs that are impossible to trade in to or out of Bitcoin etc. The reason I talk about honest and dishonest actors you see, is that if we lived in a truly honest world, where all this fiat stuff was just accidental and incompetence, I believe we would have seen a major BTC transition at this point, and I would have fully expected companies like Amazon, Apple, Google etc to have adopted BTC as a treasury reserve. The fact that they haven't speaks volumes, and only strengthens my belief that the world's elite, which includes the owners of these huge tech companies, are in cahoots with each other to stifle BTC adoption. Now maybe over a long enough time period none of this matters, and BTC just continues to grow it's network and adoption a % or two a year, and eventually just wins by default. But I think it's pretty clear there is a lot of funny business going on behind the scenes right now. You'd think there would have been a stampede out of fiat and into BTC at this point with all the inflation etc. I know I'll get downvoted and hated on for posting this. "Conspiracy theorist" talking about Bilderberg Group etc (they openly admit they exist, by the way). I'm bullish on BTC the network, and the protocol / incentives are perfect. I just don't see how the masses will ever adopt it (our friends/family who know nothing about economics) with these parasites at the top of the food chain who derive all of their power/control through the fiat money system...