Bitcoin Lightning Network payments are on the rise!


As a prominent cryptocurrency payment processor and pioneer in the LN scene, we wanted to share our findings on LN usage in 2022 via CoinGate crypto payment processor:

  • BTC Lightning Network continues disrupting the payments industry by showing consistent growth and increasing user confidence each year.

  • In 2022 alone, payments made through the Lightning Network grew by 97% and accounted for 6.29% of all orders paid in Bitcoin, compared to 4.53% in 2021. That means, on average, last year, every 16th order at CoinGate was paid using the Lightning Network layer.

  • In general, 2022 was great for the Lightning Network as the capacity in BTC has doubled over the year while the node count has also increased, signaling a speeding-up adoption of its use.

Knowing how much effort in development is put into this technology, it’s unlikely to see the adoption rate slowing down anytime soon.

Where do you think Lightning Network payments are headed in 2023?