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Bitcoin journey of a 16 year old (week 2)

So it was an interesting week, learned a lot of new things and I think my knowledge about bitcoin has increased a fair bit since the last post. Here are something's I learned : 1) All the exchanges may not support your local currency and bank. ( I'm indian so wazirx is the option) 2) Don't ever buy btc with credit or debit card because their fee's are insanely high( around 3.49%),instead use your bank account for funding 3) Increase your knowledge everyday,but not through some random guy on YouTube who guarantees that your money will be doubled by some of his secret tips. Instead read books,which give you complete information and most importantly the correct information. Personally,I've just finished reading 'Bitcoin for Dummies' and I loved it,it explains all the complex financial terms with ease. That was all! Hope somebody who's just starting out in btc finds this helpful haha and as always,tips and advices are appreciated :)
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