Bitcoin isn't about getting rich quick despite 90% of you treating it that way. It's about protecting your money and time from the hands of government and banks.

self.Bitcoin1m ago
It's permissionless, decentralized, sound money. Bitcoin isn't an investment. Let me say that again... Bitcoin isn't an investment. It is money. I know that most of you in this sub are treating it as an investment and don't care about this and have just blindly jumped into the water with this thing, but that's not what this is about. And there will come a day where these large spikes up and large spikes down just stop completely because the project has either 1) failed completely (something wrong with the code) or 2) it has gotten big enough globally that there are no longer huge value swings. Where its' day to day value goes in the short to mid term is anyone's guess other than the few people in the world with deep enough pockets to move the market in any substantial way. Long term? It is an infinitely deflating force which is diametrically opposed to an infinitely inflating force(fiat). There are too many people like me that understand that it is money that will keep buying no matter the price relative to fiat so there will always be demand for more. Anyone here that has been looking at Bitcoin for more than 2 years actually believe Bitcoin will be worth less in relation to fiat in 10, 20, 30 years than it is now? Those of you that are looking to get rich quick just need to cut to the chase, travel to Vegas, and put it all on black and gtfo.