Bitcoin is the king of all commodities


It's often said that Gold is the king of all commodities because it has one property that all other commodites don't, and thats the property of being money. But everything is relative, gold is only the best money because it's better than silver, if gold didn't exist silver would be the best money and if gold and silver didn't exist something else would be the best money.

The title of "king of all commodities" goes to whatever commodity is best at being money.

Bitcoin is a commodity, it is needed by humaity to operate the worlds most decentralised and trusted value transfer protocol. It is also pure energy captured and stored in digital form ready to be turned back into usable energy anywhere on earth at a moments notice. Even the SEC states bitcoin is a commodity.

Is bitcoin the commodity that's best at being money? Is it better at being money than gold? and the answer to that is yes. Bitcoin is more durable, more portable, more divisible, more uniform, more scarce and more accepted around the world for payments than gold.

So if the commodity that is the best at being money is the king of all commodities then bitcoin is the king of all commodities.

Here's why thats important. We are transitioning from an age of financial asset domination driven by lower interest rates and low inflation to an age of commodity domination driven by higher interest rates and high inflation. The era of the commodity supercycle has begun, financial assets like stocks and bonds will stagnate while scarce commodities including bitcoin will enter a multi-decade long period of domination where they outperform everything else.

Inflation is not over, 25 basis point hikes do not fight 40 year high inflation. The 2020s will be a decade of problematic inflation just like the entirety of the 1970s, and because bitcoin is the most finite commodity on earth it will experience the largest percentage gains on earth over the coming decade.

Between now and 2030 bitcoin will be the most important asset to own because bitcoin is the king of all commodities.