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Bitcoin is the future

Capitalism has not failed you. Your government has failed you. Corruption and incompetence has led to the decline of the American economy and society as a whole. They use identity politics to divide and deflect from the real issues. They use smoke screens and mirrors to disorient us, to turn us against each other, to willingly give up our rights and freedoms. “It is the American government, not the people, which needs supervision” - Will Spencer. Left to our current trajectory, the future looks bleak. Then came #Bitcoin . Perhaps the greatest invention in human history. Bitcoin fixes this. Bitcoin restores our freedom, our privacy, our hope for a better future. Bitcoin is the great equalizer. #Bitcoin  will liberate citizens all around the world from inept and corrupt governments. It will restore the very thing it aims to remove, trust and faith. Billions around the world will gain access to the world economy. Billions will learn what it means to save, what it means to work towards a better life, what it means to have opportunity. BILLIONS will gain hope, will gain freedom, and will gain independence. The world as we know it will never be the same. The dominoes are falling. Change IS coming. History will NOT look back kindly to those who stand in the way. Will you be a part of the revolution? Will you contribute to a better future for your children and your grandchildren? Fix the money, fix the world. #Bitcoin 
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