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#bitcoin is more than money. Learn fast as much as you can. Eventually, you will end up owning it.

“Money manager” is a job invented by the fiat world to compensate for debasement. Yet most can’t outperform the index because the market is efficient. [\#Bitcoin]( is sound money which is the perfect “index” of value. Money managers will be mostly obsolete, much like blacksmiths. Much like real estate which is leased from the state rather than owned (property taxes), you don’t own your money. The dollar is the property of the state and central banks. They preserve this monopoly to facilitate the debasement of wages (property) for their own allocation. [\#Bitcoin]( frees your wages from debasement. It is money you can actually own. It is a property you can actually hold. It is the power you must actually earn, and most importantly it is the power you must part with when you exercise it. We will build something incredible on this rock.
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