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Bitcoin is here to stay! Whether the price goes up or down, true adopters know its value. Which is why we need more businesses to start using bitcoin and succeed in it. Found a great resource that will help bitcoin businesses get a head start with their marketing!

Bitcoin has changed a lot of paradigms that were traditionally associated with money, evolving an archaic and often times immoral framework into a just and unambiguous system free from manipulation and deceit.

So, it only makes sense for any business big or small that is dealing with bitcoin to evolve its marketing as well.

Whilst a lot of practices that are employed in traditional digital marketing fit well within the bitcoin space. It is important to understand the nuances that set a business apart from others in an ever-increasing competitive landscape of cryptocurrency.

In the last part (Part-1) of this marketing guide, we covered how to market on Reddit.

In this guide, we will cover one of the most important aspect of digital marketing, content.

Content Marketing

Content plays a big part in your digital marketing initiatives. Yet, it is often times the most overlooked and underperformed strategy of all.

If done right, content can help reap great ROI for your bitcoin business and also give you “brownie” points for brand recognition.

It is one of the most effective strategies you can employ that will get you long term benefits.

Content is a very broad-ranging category that encompasses within it a host of different types, including:

Blogs Visuals: Infographics, Graphics, Images Videos Emails Podcast Ebooks User-Generated Content

In this guide, we will be focusing on the first 3 which form the basis for the content marketing strategy for most businesses.


For most brands and companies this forms the most important part of the content strategy and for the right reason, blogs are:

Easily sharable Google-friendly Provide high-quality value Easiest of all content type to create

When it comes to writing about Cryptocurrency or bitcoin, in particular, a lot of the basics that come with traditional blog writing apply to it as well.

Blogs are great for SEO and with the ...
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