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Bitcoin is for all political ideologies.

.... Except outright communism or authoritarianism obviously. Bitcoin embraces the idea of free market voluntarism, the foundation of freedom and capitalism. So it's no surprise libertarians embraced bitcoin so early on. However this doesnt mean that left leaning socialists should be against bitcoin. Socialists generally push for wealth redistribution in the form of taxes imposed on the rich going to the poor. If you think about it bitcoin is almost like a monetary reset, the biggest wealth transfer in hitory designed to disrupt incumbents. Bitcoin wont just disrupt banking, as a new monetary based societal fabric it will disrupt the very essence of wealth, in particular how we store our value. If bitcoin is disrupting the essence of how society stores wealth then it is most likely about to disrupt the wealthy incumbent elite who refuse to take bitcoin seriously. As bitcoin rises their traditional stores of value namely fiat denominated negative yielding bonds will be imploding. As a form of monetary reset and wealth transfer socialists should love bitcoin just as much as free market voluntarists and libertarians love it.
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